Why are rollout caravan awnings unique?

Caravan awnings can make your camping or outdoor activities in the wilderness comfortable. That makes them ideal for a wide range of travel conditions. Besides, adding an awning to your caravan is the easiest way to enlarge your living space.

The best awnings offer protection from both the rain and the sun. Additionally, they’ll provide shelter for your gear and offer you much-needed privacy. This explains the different designs and the large number of awnings you’ll see at campsites.

Why are top rollout caravan awnings so unique? There are many reasons why people love rollout caravan awnings.

They are easy to set up and are always ready for use

It takes less than 5 minutes to install a caravan rollout awning, and in most cases, a single person can install it. That makes it an ideal option for short stays. Do you have a quick lunch or plan on camping for a weekend? A rollout caravan awning can be a perfect option to shade you from the scorching sun of the summer.

These types of awnings are commonly called sun canopies because they are mostly used to protect the sun’s inhabitants. Ideally, they offer a shade to a seating area.

Like other car awnings, you’ll fit your rollout caravan awnings into the caravan’s awning rail – located on the side. The difference here is that the awnings stay temporarily attached to the awning rails.

Most people install the rollout awnings on their caravans for the period they are camping only. However, others leave theirs for a longer time and only remove it during winter. Since they can roll it in and out, it is easy to move around with the awnings.

Winter can cause the awning to be dirty and encourage mould and algae growth, which destroys the awnings.

A multitude of awnings with a compact size

There is a vast collection of caravan awnings – in different shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Best of all, regardless of the type of rollout caravan awning you choose, spare parts are readily available. Also, the manufacturers include installation and repair instructions. That’s why setting them up is straightforward.

You’ll choose a caravan awning depending on the size of your caravan or any other specifications. Most manufacturers create awnings using fabric with extra strength and tension. Such material prevents pooling of water and flapping.

You attach a rollout awning to the side of your caravan. So, it won’t take up any internal space in your vehicle. This is the opposite of other awnings, which you have to carry in your caravan to the camping site.

However, if you order the rollout awning with the side panel covers, they’ll need additional storage in your caravan.

Rollout caravan awnings are great, but like every good thing, they come with a few drawbacks. However, these issues depend a lot on the model or brand and are sometimes avoidable. 

  • Damage while towing – The rollout caravan awnings can damage the caravan’s aluminium side panel, especially those with metallic buttons and straps. Buttons can cause dents on the caravan when bouncing.
  • Lightweight – Unlike the traditional pole awnings, rollout awnings are lightweight and less sturdy, especially when there is a gust of wind. For many people, this is a huge drawback. However, it’s worth noting that rollout awnings are great for short, sunny days.

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