Tools and Equipment for Sutherland Shire Tree Removal

If you have landscape that has been looking odd lately because of trees, it is time to contact a Sutherland Shire tree removal service. Tree service involves felling trees or pruning. You might need a selective or complete removal of trees or pruning. It would be best if you also practiced removing trees to improve your landscape’s appearance or improve the trees’ health in your compound. Pruning specifically aims to improve a tree’s health, reduce the risk of falling branches, and increase the yield of a tree, i.e., flowers and fruits. The process is not simple; it requires intellect to carry out the exercise and high-tech tools and equipment.

The job needs a professional for the quality outcome; DIY is never an option. Talking of tools and equipment, we mean state-of-the-art tools that make tree removal easy and enjoyable. Hand saws or axes have no place in this context, only electric and gas-powered machines. Here is a list of desirable tools and equipment to carry out the job successfully.

Electric chain saw

It is the primary tool used to cut and trim trees effectively. There is a gas-powered chain saw and electric saw. Both are effective in the cross-cutting or longitudinal cutting of a tree trunk. To ensure the job continues uninterrupted all day long, have a backup power plan in the case of an electric chain saw so that when there is a power outage, the job still goes on.

Stump grinders

After the tree falls from the spot, there remains a stump; it is the work of a stump grinder to complete the job. It clears the stump area to the level of the ground as if nothing ever existed. Stump grinders come in varieties, with some being the size of a lawnmower and others are more prominent. It has a high-revolving disc that grinds the stump.


A lopper is a robust tool that can easily cut off a tree’s thick branch with little effort. It cuts like a scissor, and it is one of the most extensive manual tools for cutting branches while pruning.

Hydraulic tools

Hydraulic tools make pruning trees an easy process. These tools require careful handling and require professionals like arborists to use the tool successfully. It is for light pruning and minor chipping. For significant results, only specialists should use this tool.

Heavy earthmoving equipment

It moves massive logs and branches. There is a variety of heavy earthmoving equipment that can do the job. Some of these heavy equipment includes; cranes, haulers, diggers, loaders, and more. These types of machinery are handy when cleaning the property after servicing.

There are many more tools used during tree removal that I have not mentioned, but they do a perfect job at the site. If you want a tree removal company’s services, make sure you ask to see their garage and ascertain that they have all the tools mentioned above or even more before signing a contract. Also, compare the different Sutherland Shire tree servicing companies’ rates to know the average charges to avoid a rip-off. The job involves many risks, and as the customer, you should not accept liability if the worst happens. When selecting the company, make sure they have an insurance cover just in case of any atrocities at the site.

You can do things on your own, but trusting the experience and professionalism of Cutting Edge Tree Care will make it easy for you.

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