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Piano transport, our recommendations

Move a piano yourself to another room in the house
Our advice is to avoid dragging the piano directly on the surface of the floor, it is a very heavy object and could ruin the floors, especially if you have a parquet in the house.

So we advise you to lighten the piano as much as possible, take some old blankets and put them under the support points and slide it slowly on the floor together with the blankets and bring it to the new environment.

We do not recommend transporting the piano yourself!
The delicacy of the transport of the piano is to be taken into consideration, so we always recommend relying on a specialized piano transport company .

Carrying a piano, even if vertical, with arms with some friends is an undertaking, as well as tiring, also risky, in fact the worst damages are not what could happen to the furniture, but to the internal mechanics.

But in what period is it advisable to carry a piano?
The season to transport the piano is to be evaluated. it could be damaged by humidity . The best solution would be to schedule it in spring or late autumn.

Some transport companies, specialized in the transport of pianos, also have special vans that maintain an optimal level of humidity, trust these experts if you have to make your move during the warmer months.

Other useful tips for transporting pianos
Our last tip is that before proceeding with the piano transport , it is necessary to lighten it as much as possible from all the components that can be dismantled. Once made lighter, we proceed with the packaging of the piano with suitable material (in case padded blankets are fine).

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