Choosing the best type of air conditioning for your Home

Statistics show that homeowners across the globe spend billions of dollars just to power the air conditioning systems in their homes. Cooling the home year-round certainly costs a bundle especially when the time comes to replace a home’s outdated air conditioning system.

One of the largest investments homeowners spend on is the air conditioning system. Getting their money’s worth means opting for the best type of air conditioning system.

Knowing the right type of air conditioning system to buy can be an overwhelming and challenging task. However, understanding the various types of available air conditioning options somehow makes the job doable.

Window-type air conditioners

The window-type air conditioners are probably the most common unit you see in small apartments, dorms, and tiny homes. The affordable price tag adds to its allure especially when the need is to provide a cool temperature to a single room.

Geothermal cooling and heating system

The newest method of heating and cooling a home is provided by the geothermal cooling and heating system. Heating and cooling the home is provided by a deeply installed geothermal coil in the ground of a property.

Extracting heat from your home during the summer and distributing it back onto the ground is the way of providing cool temperatures. During winter, the coil extracts heat from the ground to provide warmth to the entire home.

Of all the air conditioning options, the geothermal cooling and heating system is the best there is. It is energy efficient, works longer than other AC types, and sustainable.

The only downside to the geothermal cooling and heating system is its steep price. However, its longevity lasting for almost your life makes it investment- worthy.

Portable air conditioning units

Similar to the window-type air conditioning units, the portable unit is something that can be transferred from one room to another. Its freestanding and self-contained features make it easy to move the unit where needed. A window and an outlet are all the unit needs to get going. The need for a window is for funnelling out the exhaust air.

Like the window-type AC, the portable AC is also an affordable option. However, it functions only as a good fan for the room and nothing else.

Mini-split, ductless air conditioning units

Not having existing ductwork in the home make the mini-split, ductless air conditioning unit a good option. Installing this type of air conditioning system does not need tearing up the walls. All it needs is to be mounted on the walls and attach its blowers.

The outdoor and indoor units are connected by tubing that allows the refrigerant to circulate between them. Working like a window-type AC, the mini-split AC is more energy-efficient. However, if cooling the entire house is the need, opting for this type is an expensive option.

Ducted air conditioning systems

Combining a compressor, an evaporator, and a condenser is what ducted air conditioning systems are all about. Air vents on ceilings or walls of a home are installed by ductwork that runs through the interior of the ceiling to the compressor outside. Cooling the entire home can be done at one time with a flick of a button.

Deciding on the best type of air conditioning system to install in your home becomes possible when you know the different types and models. Some of the important factors to consider include your budget and square footage. Contact us at Hinterland Air Conditioning Gold Coast for us to help you.

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