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5 Electricity Safety Tips You Should Know About

If we look around ourselves, electricity proves to play a huge role in our lives. If it was ever to be taken away we’d feel as if our world was falling apart. For everything that comes with pros, also comes with cons. Dealing with electricity can be very dangerous. Electric shocks from wires or switches, short circuiting, and house fires are some dangers of electricity that can put your health at risk and damage your house. It is advisable to know about the safety measures in order to protect your home and family.

Hot electrical appliances

Be it a bulb or a machine in your kitchen, heating up is an indication of things going wrong. A warm appliance isn’t alarming but a hot one is. Discontinue the appliance’s connection to electricity in case it starts heating up. This is a very common indication for electrical faults like short circuits and improper wiring systems and call for instant attention. Precaution is better than cure so, to make sure your appliance doesn’t heat up avoid using extensions, don’t leave it plugged in when it isn’t being used and try to put only one plug in a switch at a time.

Repairing damaged wires

Don’t think twice when you see a damaged wire! A naked wire is the ultimate source of electric shock. Make sure it isn’t being used and is unplugged until replaced by a new one. Keep such wires away from everyone especially from children. Try to refrain the tangling up of wires and use them decently because rough use of wires can tear their plastic covering. A basic example could be a mobile phone or a laptop charger. We adjust our positions according to our comfort level while having chargers plugged in them. Keep in mind to not fold the charger too much or it will tear the covering and expose the wire.

Keeping water away

Water in no way should ever be brought near to electricity. It can be injurious if contact is made between them. You don’t want to have your plants, aquariums, sinks, showers and kitchen appliances near water. Use hair dryers very carefully. Make sure your hands are completely dry before you touch an electrical outlet. Electric shocks from door bells are also caused by mixing of water and electricity.

Fire Extinguisher

At all times, have a fire extinguisher placed at an easily accessible place. You should take all the precautions to ensure the safety of your house and yourself but at the same time keep the worst case scenario in your mind and be prepared for it. Electrical mishaps can very conveniently cause house fires. You will need a fire extinguisher to deal with such situations and of course don’t forget to contact the fire brigade!

Check-ups of your outlets and appliances

Have an 24hr electrician perth come over to your place and check all your wires, electronic devices and switches to make sure nothing is at risk and if at all something needs repairing, it can be done before the damage is caused. Make sure the hired electrician is certified.

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